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20 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Fear, and Regain Control of your Life in the Midst of Coronavirus


March 26, 2020

Here is what I learned from Bob Proctor’s Good News March 25, 2020 (in response to pandemic):

  1. If you are feeling lonely or isolated, reach out to others and take mind off self
  2. Spirit is always for greater expansion and fuller expression
  3. Adversity is a time to grow (comfort zone = too easy) Eckhart Tolle backs this
  4. Ignorance (or resistance for lack of a better term from me) breeds fear, whereas knowledge breeds faith. 
  5. Good time to remain disciplined in our practices or (possibly reach out for coaching)
  6. Hold the image of what we want, not what we don’t want.  When you manifest an image, it must move into form.
  7. Start off every day writing 10 things you are grateful for
  8. Start to look for the good in the transition you are in
  9. Nobody can put your life on hold but you.  Instead set a goal.  Think how you can reach it.  Don’t spend 5 seconds thinking of how you cannot do it
  10. Books:  As a Man Thinketh, You Square by Price Pritchet?, The Technique of Getting Things Done, Bible.  You Were Born Rich – can download for Free by Bob Proctor
  11. Everything moves, nothing rests – Law of Vibration is primary.  Thoughts that are in your mind control the vibration you’re in.  Hold image of perfect health, vibrant, alive.
  12. Goal Setting – Need habit of being disciplined.  Persistence is key, and don’t give up. If you lack discipline, give yourself command and follow it. 
  13. Make your goal something you have no idea how to get it.  If you know how to get it, too easy.
  14. Purpose of life is growth.  Purpose is why you get out of bed in the morning.  
  15. Calmness of Mind is one of the great jewels of wisdom
  16. Writing causes things to get into your subconscious mind
  17. Use higher faculties – intuition, perception, memory, having the “will” will help you concentrate.  When you concentrate, the power will flow in and through you.
  18. Allow other people to be as they are (without letting them bug you)
  19. What you’ve got right here and right now here in this moment IS ALL you've got!
  20. Have multiple sources of income!  If you lose one, you’ve got another.  Provide more service.   Find yourself at a start over point, now do what you want. 


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