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What is Channeling?

Annette Tally, Channeler


Channeling is connecting to the wisdom of Divine and allowing that wisdom to come through me, the Channel, When I channel I set myself up and then my guide, Mary-El or if appropriate, an Archangel, or higher Energy Being, comes through.  They use my voice and speak.  What is said comes from the realm of the Energy Being I channel. And since it is from the realm of Spirit, Divine, God/Goddess, or Angels it is usually right on.



      It is a bit like being psychic, but more.  Psychic readings and medium ship are different in that they are more third eye chakra and connecting to the energies or spirits.  Channeling is opening up at the crown chakra and then allowing the energy or spirits to come through my body.  
     Please note that we all have free will.  No matter what is stated, you have free will to change the answer.  In fact, sometimes hearing the words, changes the outcome.  Mary-El may say you are moving to France, and you are like "What?".  Then six months later you get a job offer in France or Milan.  Maybe you take the job in France or you decide on the job in Milan.  Free will.
    If you have other questions, please let us know.

Annette's Training:

Access the Bars: 2011
Hanna Kroger methodology, levels 1 and 2: 2011
Professional Channeling level 4: 2009
(Channeling levels 1,2,and 3 were taken prior to 2007 and were all prerequisites to C 4)
Seichum Reiki: 2007
Usui/Japanese/Tibetan Reiki Master: 2007
(Levels 1 and 2 were prerequisites for 3 and master level)
Certified Aroma educator: 2006
Reflexology: 2006
Energetic Balancing: 200 

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The Answers are Within. Shri Babaji is Donna's meditation guru from India
Breathe and all will be revealed. Love and all will be healed. This is Yoga. --Seane Corn

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